Printing in Alaska

Three years ago, when I moved up here to Alaska, I sold my wide-format printer. This hurt. I love printing my photographs. I usually print my work for shows, to sell as fine art prints, for gifts, and for books that I design. Over the next year, I searched for an affordable printing service in Eagle River and Anchorage. I even outsourced my printing to Oregon and Washington. This all became too expensive. So once again invested in a wide-format printer.

Field Theory offers the best archival fine art prints at any price. Located in Eagle River, AK, we are centrally located between the Mat-Su Valley and Anchorage. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality archival art and photo printing services to artists, galleries, interior designers, private and corporate collectors, businesses, and individuals all over the Continental United States. Our prices for giclée print rival prices of Anchorage photo printing, and if you are local and in a rush, prints can be available in as little as an hour.

We pride ourselves in producing high-quality archival prints; we use Canon PRO 2000, state of the art professional large format printer, Hahnemühle fine art photo papers, and archival Lucia Pro pigment ink colors.

Here are a few of the service that Field Theory offers:

  • Photo and Artwork Printing Services

  • Field Theory photo printing offers a wide array of digital photo and artwork printing services.

  • Archival Printing

  • Museum Quality Printing

  • Archival Photo Printing

  • Large Size Photo printing

  • Ultra-high-resolution scanning of negatives to 50 megapixels from 35mm to 4×5

  • Photo restoration

  • Photoshop clean up and enhance your images.

  • Museum-grade papers for printing as well as Canvas, satin, and vinyl

  • Prints up to 24′ wide by 100″ in length

  • Digitization of original artists artwork

  • Files archived for future printing for the customer.



What process do you use to print?

I use a Canon PRO 2000, state of the art professional large format inkjet printer, Hahnemühle, Canon, and Epson fine art photo papers, and archival Lucia Pro pigment ink colors to create Museum-quality Archival photographic prints.

What is a giclée print?

This term loosely refers to any fine-art printing, usually archival, printed by inkjet. It is often used by artists, galleries, and print shops to suggest high-quality printing but is an unregulated word with no associated warranty of quality.

What is the difference between giclée and high-quality inkjet printing?

Giclée is a form of inkjet printing. Many artists use the term giclée to reference Archival or museum quality printing.

What papers or mediums can you print on?

I use Hahnemühle, Canon, and Epson fine art photo papers. If requested, we can find a photopaper that works specifically for your needs. I can also print on Canvas, Satin, and Silk. If requested, unique materials will need to be shipped to Alaska and might take up to two weeks to arrive.

How do I get my files for printing to you?

Either through my email or via or

What format should I save my files in?

Save your files in JPEG, PSD, or TIFF format as Adobe RGB 1998 and at least 5 megabytes for a 16×20. Larger files for larger print sizes.

How do I know if your prints will match my monitor screen?

We use a professional monitor that displays 99.7 % of the Adobe RGB color space, and if it looks good on my display, the print will match. To help match colors on difficult prints, I also run small test prints to check color and tonality at no extra charge.

What if my colors are off or I have blemishes on my original file?

We use various software packages to correctly enhance the images to as close to lifelike as possible and remove blemishes all at no cost to you.

How long does it take to receive my print?

We usually print the same day as we receive the files and ship either that day or the next, rolled up in a shipping tube. Printing time may vary during holidays.

Do you restore old photos?

Yes, we do, and the cost varies depending on the amount of work involved.

Do you scan negatives?

Yes, we use the newest techniques and a Large Format Phase One 50 Megapixel digital camera to create ultra-high-resolution digital files for printing from 35mm to 4x5 Color and B&W film.

Can you copy my large painting digitally for making prints?

Yes, we do this all the time. The one time cost is $75.00. We will use professional studio lighting to digitize your painting, print, or other work of art.

How large can you print?

We are only limited by the width of our printers, currently 24″

Why are borders included in inkjet or giclée pricing?

Our inkjet or giclée prints are priced by the square inch. Printing substrates (watercolor paper or canvas) used in fine art printing are very costly. Therefore, if you request borders on your prints, you are billed for the total amount of material you ask, whether the material is printed.