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Join us in the Field

In 2018 Tom and I walked down a summer filled street in Talkeetna musing about how to live our best Alaska life. Small business ideas started bubbling to the surface. Thinking about ways to fill all those emotional nooks and crannies with things we love such as conservation work, more fine art, teaching, and travel. It was then that Field Theory was born. Starting as a small seed and running through many different initial ideas we settled on a single business with multiple branches that could expand and subtract as the season dictated or time allowed.


Carol has worked for one of the largest conservation organizations in the United States, focusing on public events and conservation education. She holds a Master's in Fine Arts, focusing on design, atelier painting/ drawing, and communicating visual content. She has taught across the United States in University, exclusive camps, conservation programs, museums, and public schools.

Tom is an experienced photojournalist and passionate educator. He holds an MFA in Photography specializing in landscape and conceptual abstractions. His work has exhibited across the globe, from Bulgaria to Marfa. Tom is well-traveled and has spent large amounts of time in Europe and Asia. He has worked for acclaimed media sources and taught in Universities, Colleges, and Public venues.



  • Alaska Adventure Blog

  • Field Theory Podcast

Public Art

  • State and National Public Art Initiatives promoting our mission.


  • Artist Research

  • Adventure Goods


  • Fine Art Printing

  • Workshops & Art Courses

Future dreams for Field Theory include summer roaming artist residencies.

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