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Alaska Fine Art Workshops



Field Theory offers roaming art workshops for Alaska homeschoolers and adults. Tom and I share our deep love for art, conservation, and Alaska's various landscapes in every course. Our first series of workshops stem from our experience teaching conservation and art in colleges, museums, public schools, and nature-based camps.

In our first workshop, Intro to Photography, Tom brings his explorer spirit to the course, combining his years of experience as a photojournalist and the fine art field's knowledge into an outdoor adventure course. Participants will join us for a series of nature walks, gaining hands-on experiences through in-person instruction on problem-solving in the field. We will also offer technical zoom courses to learn new techniques before testing them on location.


February 2021


Home School Parents, are you looking for fine art credit opportunities? Do you have an aspiring National Geographic photographer or Martin Scorsese living in your house? Intro to Photography is perfect for any student who wants to learn more about the camera and the art of image-making. Whether you own a cellphone or a more advanced mirrorless or DSLR camera, this workshop will give you the ability to make successful photographs. By focusing on core photographic concepts and a few advanced techniques, your student will be able to create stunning photographic images by the end of the class. Intro to Photography is a hybrid course taught in alternating weeks over Zoom and outside with hands-on demonstrations in the natural environment. We will cover, Basic Exposure (Aperture / Shutter Speed / ISO / White Balance), composition and design, photographic editing software, as well as creativity and expression through photography. Students will see and learn about great photographers' work and see how their work stacks up alongside it. The goal of this course is to teach every student how to create compelling imagery.

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