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Do I need an appointment?

As of now, we are only operating by appointment. 


How long does a portrait take?

It takes around 15 minutes to shoot your portrait, and roughly 45 minutes to finish processing. You can learn more about the process HERE. 


How much does a portrait cost?

We offer two sizes; a 5x7 is $150, an 8x10 is $240. 


Why does it cost so much?

Alt-process photography can be an expensive and labor-intensive endeavor. We prioritize delivering a high-quality product, and this requires a standard of chemicals and equipment that, unfortunately, aren't cheap. 


How many people can be in one photograph?

We can shoot up to 2 people on the 5x7 plate, and up to 4 people on the 8x10 plate. 


If I don't like my image, can we retake it?

Our goal is for you to walk away with a portrait you are proud of. If you dislike your image, talk to your photographer, and we will work on a solution.


Can I get a digital copy?

Yes, we can include a digital copy for an additional charge. Bear in mind; we will deliver this via email, and it may take up to a week to arrive in your email box!


What should I wear?

Be you! We recommend patterns and textures. Hats and small props like jewelry and bow ties bring a lot of character to your portrait. Keep in mind Tintypes are high contrast, so we recommend avoiding solid white or black if possible. 


Do tattoos show up in Tintypes?

Most modern tattoos will show up will appear clearly in images. 


Fun fact - Some tattoos have green & blue shades that absorb UV light therefore don't show up in this process. Learn more about this interesting occurrence in PetaPixels Article about the work of Michael Bradley. 

Can I wear glasses?

Non UV coated lenses will shoot fine. However, UV coating or transition coating might cause the lenses to darken in the image. Sometimes this is barely noticeable, other times it will completely black out the glass. If unsure, bring the glasses with you - or an old pair of frames without lenses if possible!


Can I buy a gift certificate?

Sure, this makes an excellent gift for a friend or family member. 


Can I smile in my photograph?

Sure! During the sitting, you might be asked to hold a pose for a few minutes. If you can maintaining a smile that long without moving, let's go for it!  


Fun Fact: In the 1800s, most tintypes are absent of smiling people because it was nearly impossible to hold a pose and smile for the 8-15 minutes it took to capture the image. 


Can I order reprints?

We keep a high-resolution scan of your image on file. Thanks to today's technology, we can reprint your tintype or archival inkjet paper and mail it to you. These make great gifts! 


There are streaks and marks on my photograph, is this normal?

Yes. Tintypes are handmade and contain all kinds of artifacts, ranging from fingerprints to dust and scratches, or blemishes in the varnish. We love the imperfections and feel they make your image one of a kind. 

Can I bring my pet?

At this time, we are unable to photograph pets. Stay tuned though we are working on this. 

Can my portrait be used commercially?

Sure. Like any photographer, usage fees apply when the work is used in a commercial. Prices will vary so contact us for a quote. 

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